3 Ways to Stay Warm & Save

There are so many cute trends happening this season but trying to keep up with them all can get pretty pricey! I have a few ideas how you can stay warm and keep on-trend without breaking your bank!

1. DIY Infinity Scarf(or snood) from Cable Knit Scarf

Most of us have a cable knit scarf lying around and there is a very easy way to turn it into an infinity scarf! Simply lay out your scarf, put the 2 ends together and use a simple stitch to connect the edges. See picture 3 for details!

2. Layer jackets in new ways

Instead of buying a new jacket or coat this season, see what jackets you already have that can be layered in a new way. I used my go-to denim jacket that isn’t quite warm enough as Winter approaches. But, layered under my down vest, it’s so cozy!

3. Check you local thrift shops for gloves

Gloves can be very expensive, so before going to the store, try shopping at your local thrift shop. I got these adorable vintage red leather gloves at my local DAV!

These gloves and this skirt are for sale on my Etsy, here!

I hope these 3 tips help you stay warm this season as well as stay on budget!


14 Responses to “3 Ways to Stay Warm & Save”

  1. Sarah Mira says:

    Great ideas to save money this season & still stay stylish! Putting the ends together on an old scarf to turn them into infinite scarves is genius!

    The Weekend Diary

  2. These are great tips, Star! I’m about to head to my scarf collection and see which ones I can DIY with! ;)

    xx, Jordan

  3. Chelsea says:

    Aw! I love this post, these are great tips and great outfits. Especially the last one!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Jenny says:

    looks great! I will so the diy infinity scarf for sure!


  5. Meredith says:

    Three great ways to stay cozy and chic! I especially love your trench and those bright gloves!

  6. Chioma says:

    love your tips! i love thrifting and never considered gloves!

    C’s Evolution of Style

  7. Aubrey says:

    Fantastic ideas! I really love your finger nail polish in the first photo! It’s a color I never would have thought of for winter time, but you definitely make it work!

  8. I love the vintage stuff you find! It’s amazing. We should collaborate together, I love featuring people’s etsy shops. Im doing a giveaway now with some beautiful necklaces, stop by and enter!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings/ necklace giveaway

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